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Services and Questions

At Bordentown Home for Funerals, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse community.  

  • Pre-need Arrangements - Clients can pre-arrange funeral services for themselves or family members.
  • At Need Arrangements - Comprehensive assistance and planning immediately following a family member's death.
  • Transfer Pre-Need Arrangements - all preplanned arrangements with other funeral homes may be transfered to our facility
  • After Care Services - Assisting family and friends in finding appropriate grief counseling and support groups. After Care Services also include assistance with Will Probate procedures and financial settlement options.
  • Cremation & Memorial Celebration Services - All arrangements for Cremation Services can be made on site as well as Memorial services designed to celebrate the life of the deceased.
  • Off-site Funeral Services - For families who wish to have ceremonies and services at their chosen house of worship that may be located closer to their home.
  • Full-Service Planning - Beginning in 2005, customers will be able to arrange for flowers, music, cemetery services and transportation directly through Bordentown Home for Funerals, providing one-stop convenience and peace of mind during a difficult time.
  • Assistance in Estate Settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when a death occurs?

The staff of Bordentown Home for Funerals is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Once a death has occurred regardless of the location of death (including out of state) notify the funeral home immediately (609) 298-0128. We will make arrangements for the removal of the deceased from the location of death to our Funeral Home. A time will be schedule to meet with you and your family to discuss the funeral services and arrangements.

Our funeral services meeting is informal and held in our home's dining room. It is designed to make our families as comfortable as possible so we can easily discuss the person that their loved one was and create the best possible service to honor his or her life.

There are some items you will need to bring to the services meeting regarding the deceased:

  •     Name As Used On All Legal Documents
  •     Date and Place of Birth
  •     Social Security Number
  •     Father's Name
  •     Mother's Maiden Name
  •     Clothing for Deceased
  •     Recent Photo if Available
  •     Copy of Discharge Papers if Deceased was a Veteran
  •     Cemetery Deed if Applicable

What is the Role of the Funeral Director?

A funeral director handles all the details and necessary arrangements associated with the death of a loved one. Owner and Funeral Director for Bordentown Home for Funerals Robert Pecht and his staff are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to guide you and your family from beginning to end. From the removal of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home, Robert and his staff will handle all the necessary paperwork, file all permits, notify and arrange for all the funeral services including:

  •     Removal and preparation of the deceased for services
  •     Compose obituary notices
  •     Notify clergy
  •     Notify Social Security Offices of the death
  •     Arrange for Military Honors if appropriate
  •     Provide guidance on applying for Veterans Benefits.

Additionally, Robert is available to assist in Will probate issues and can recommend post funeral grief counseling and coping services for family members. 



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Daily Grief Support by Email

Grieving doesn't always end with the funeral: subscribe to our free daily grief support email program, designed to help you a little bit every day, by filling out the form below.

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